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We offer an extraordinary road tour experience, narrated and triggered by GPS from your cell phone as you drive along at your own pace. It's like having a highly knowledgeable and funny tour-guide in the car with you, but without the expense or time pressure. Rich in content, you'll learn and be entertained whether you're a first time visitor or live in the Napa Valley. You have flexibility on when and where to stop, but of course we'll share some suggestions. 

Our professional narrator's resume includes performing multiple voices in a "Pixar" production. He'll have you laughing and learning as he shares dozens of facts, insights, and stories about the Napa Valley! Written by long-time Napa Valley residents who relied on many authors, people they know in the wine business, and other wonderful resources. 

  • Learn about a 4'11" immigrant who became a giant in the field of wine-making.

  • Hear about a small family winery whose wines have been served in the White House under 3 different administrations. 

  • Find out why George Yount adopted a Native American child and what threatened them. 

  • Discover where and when the first woman winemaker and single mom built her winery.

  • Learn why and how people from Napa started their own country (yep...it happened). 

  • Find out why coffins were regularly taken to the train station by the same "mourners". 

  • Learn why there were 120 wineries here in 1889, but fewer than 20 in 1968. 

  • Gain understanding of why Napa Valley now has over 400 wineries and 1,000 brands.

  • Hear numerous ideas on great places to stop and explore, most are free.

  • Plus far more!      

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